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Contract Particulars
  • Contract RT1194KA for the creation, implementation and maintenance of the National Traffic Information System was signed by Tasima (Pty) Ltd and the Department of Transport in December 2001.
  • Following an unsuccessful high court application contesting the awarding of the tender, the project officially kicked off in June 2002.
  • The initial contract deliverables were as follows:
  • Delivering a custom-developed application based on NaTIS (the previous version of the system) release 76
  • Rolling out 2,000 workstations at 684 sites (including one year onsite support)
  • Establishing a data centre and disaster recovery centre for 2001 specifications and expected growth
  • Migrating a massive volume of data from the NaTIS
  • Establishing a national help desk
  • Establishing nine provincial help desks
  • Establishing a project office and business office
  • The eventual expansion entailed the following:
  • Incorporating nine additional releases of the previous system and a great deal of additional functionality.
  • Rolling out 3,000 workstations (a 50% increase) at 1,270 sites
    (an increase of more than 90%).
  • Accommodating a vehicle population that had grown by more than 53%, an increase in the number of drivers of more than 30% and more than double the original database storage requirements.
  • The contract was concluded with the launch of the system in April 2007. The eNaTiS has since proved to be highly effective and reliable. Tasima (Pty) Ltd is currently operating under an extended mandate to the original contract and is maintaining the system while adding many enhancements.