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Help desk
Tasima operates a help desk which serves as a single point of contact between the service provider and business users who need help. It is the focal point for reporting incidents and submitting service requests. The help desk also keep users informed of service events and actions that are likely to affect their ability to pursue their day-to-day activities. It is generally the first point of contact for reporting of any IT security breaches (such as virus problems).

The following activities are generally performed at the help desk:
  • Receiving all calls and e-mails on incidents
  • Recording incidents
  • Prioritising, classifying and escalating incidents
  • Updating end users on progress regarding incident resolution
  • Handling service provider communication (e.g. notifying users of changes)
  • Reporting to management and customers on help desk performance
    (e.g. status of user call and help desk support)

Help desk
Help desk
Help desk